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Formed in the winter of 2015, The Whelming Waters began when three high school friends John, Collin, and Nina, decided to start a folk trio consisting of mandolin, guitar, and violin. However, when the songwriting quickly started to expand, and with the introduction of two new members in the form of Collin’s older sister Kelcie and her husband, Jereme, the group suddenly became a rock band with a wide variety of musical styles and a “no rules” attitude when it comes to songwriting or genre restrictions. 

Their music is characterized by everything from catchy melodies to aching harmonies and ranges from raucous horn-laden romps to heartfelt country ballads; all combined with thoughtful lyrics and a healthy dose of humor. With the addition of two more longtime friends in the form of a second saxophone player, Andy, and Kristen on keys, the band’s sonic profile was established. 

The Whelming Waters have performed at various venues, festivals and events in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas including Mr. Smalls Theater, The Hard Rock Cafe and Deutschtown Music Festival to name a few. The band placed second in the 2018 Pennrock Scholarship Battle of the Bands and made their television debut on Good Day PA! in Harrisburg in 2019. 

Recording of their debut full-length album with Daniel Blake Productions began in the winter of 2019 and shortly after, the band joined Pittsburgh-based record label Devil Inside Records. Leading up to the album release in the summer of 2020, The Whelming Waters plan to continue to grow their repertoire and fan-base and expand their live schedule in order to pursue their musical goals into the future. 

Photo Credit:

* Christian West for the band promo photo against brick.

* Spellbound in a Flash for the images of us from Cattivo in September 2018.

* Krystal Ritenour for the images from Deutschtown Music Fest 2019.

*Special thanks to all of the special guest performers on our album: Josh Covert on trumpet, Tom Buchko on trombone and Nate Fessler on keys!  They are accomplished and busy musicians who took the time out to make our new songs fantastic! 

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The heart of the group, Collin is the primary songwriter, lead vocalist and guitar player.



Something truly magical happens when Kelcie and Collin sing together. Perhaps it's genetic, as they are brother and sister. 



John "The Robot" Scott, so named for his metronomic timing, is not only our drummer, but he occasionally gets to step out from behind the set to play guitar, bass or even mandolin. 



Nina pulls double duty!  When she's not adding the sweet and sometimes sorrowful violin sounds to our folkier tunes, Nina rocks out on the bass guitar. 



Whether it is an erratic improvised solo or some mellow background tones, Jereme fills out our rock and roll tunes with the sound of his tenor sax.



Andy, our alto saxophonist, brings a bright, measured, yet punchy sound to our rock tunes.  When two saxes are in the mix, smiles are sure to be had.



The newest addition to our ensemble is Kristen, our dedicated keyboard player.  She also likes to sing and perform solo gigs.


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