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What People are Saying...


"It’s obvious that they have dynamic chemistry together ... This recording almost sounds like a lively and high-spirited party among friends, which most likely is exactly what it is!"

Andrew - 

"Their sound can’t be defined by one genre or another. One thing that does define them is great music. The Whelming Waters change their arrangement with each song providing violin, trumpet, trombone, mandolin, sax and piano. Each arrangement will leave you in awe from the beginning to the end. "

-Dakota  Horbaczek

 "Just watching you on WHTM 27/Good Day PA! IMHO, you are the best band I’ve heard on the show! Keep up the good work, guys & gals!"

-Jo Harpster Frontz

 "This compelling trio will be sure to perk ears in awe of their rustic music abilities. " 

- John Chamberlin and  Rachael Rennebeck

"Ya Jagoff!!!" Podcast

“TWW’s defy traditional musical genre restraints and they represent how art flourishes when you break the chains that limit creativity.”

-Nikki Hassinger M.S.


 "Their talented musicians seemed to have no problem switching between instruments. This allowed them to have a variety of sounds that like the torrential waters of the river, just drew you in further and further with each song of their set.  If you see this new up and coming band in your area, go check them out. But be prepared to become part of the coming flood of fans of the Whelming Waters. "

-Craig Ferry

Craig Ferry Photography